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    What are they?

    GCP athletic development workshops revolve around a simplistic methodology of progressing and regressing exercises across the pillars of strength, power, speed and agility that underpin athleticism.

    The unique aspects covered in the workshops will be how you can set up the layouts, athlete groups and the use of some age specific coaching vocabulary to teach the essentials of physical literacy.

    Add to this years of industry secrets on how to develop the basics of exercise selection into engaging, competitive game based play and all the ingredients required to tailor an athletic development program to your specific clientele will be covered.

    How are they implemented?

    FUNdamentals 5-8 years

    Learning to Move 9-11 years

    Learning to Train 12-14 years

    Training to Compete 15-18 years

    Training to Win 19 years +

    Who are GCP’s workshops aimed at?

    S & C Coaches, P.E Teachers, University Lecturers, Sports Therapists/Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers and Sports Coaches.

    How long will they last?

    Workshops will either be a half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours) in duration and there will be 4 workshops available for each phase focusing on Speed, Power, Strength & Agility

    What can people expect to access via GCP’s workshops?

    GCP’s workshops are designed to give you everything you need to further enhance your athletic development knowledge and coaching skills. They are a mix of gym & field-based sessions that will be lead by GCP’s senior athletic development coaches.

    All workshops include

    Multi-Sport Games Physical Component Testing Drill & session ideas and planning

    Do you want to further enhance your Athletic Development knowledge?

    Then you should come to one of our Athletic Development workshops! Our expert tutors bring their years of experience in athletic development and coaching to not just show you how, but also explain the why behind long term development!

    Our workshops are relaxed and our tutors fun and approachable.

    Kev explained the importance of developing each athletic phase and I've now learnt how to coach this. I'm excited to get back and implement this with my students. -

    Click on the markers on the map to find workshops near you, or scroll down and use the calendar to see the workshop dates highlighted in black.

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