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    Coaching Resources

    Our long term athletic development resource has been created by our senior coaches who have over 30 years combined experience of coaching athletic development/S&C programmes within elite sport

    The principles of what and how to deliver has been condensed into a resource that GCP coaches have been able to utilise when delivering our programmes. Now we want to give more people access to our resources and have designed a complete athletic development syllabus for people to access to further enhance their own knowledge and delivery. Included in this resource is a range of content packages and applied workshops which we believe will be the ultimate coaching tool box!

    Athletic Development is where a person looks to improve their physical literacy and ability to play a variety of movement skill based games to improve not just their athleticism but also their ability to learn, socialise and engage in activities with other people of any age, ability or gender.

    In preparation for our future projects, GCP are now offering a free guide to athletic development coaching. The purpose of the guide is to give you a flavour of our Athletic Development Blueprint and Workshops project, which will act as a framework for exercise content and coaching skills that you can use when delivering sessions to your kids and athletes. Within this free guide you will learn more about GCP and our athletic development philosophy, see example exercises from our blueprint and be provided with basic coaching skills - Adam Burton – GCP Lead Physical Performance Coach
    The Ultimate Coaching Tool

    Specifically, athletic development can be divided into components of:


    All of these PILLARS of Athleticism can be developed through isolated physical exercises, individual skill based co-ordination drills or team based fun games.