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    Bringing sports performance to you

    GCP Applied workshops are a perfect way to introduce sports performance to your staff and students.

    Our team of performance specialists have worked with schools, colleges and universities from across the UK to deliver a range of applied workshops onsite for their students & staff.

    Workshops include:

    GCP Sports Psychology 


    • Introduction to Sport Psychology
    • How can sport psychology enhance my performance?
    • Setting Goals- Why set goals and how can this help me?
    • Improving Motivation
    • Increasing self-awareness of strengths and areas for development
    • Improving Professionalism  Enhancing Team Identity and Communication
    • Developing and Maintaining Self-Confidence
    • Emotional Control and Self-Regulation
    • Maintaining Concentration
    • Building Mental Toughness
    • Transitioning Well Throughout Your Athletic Career
    • Maintaining Positivity


    GCP Sports Nutrition 


    • Introduction to Sports Nutrition
    • Supplements –  Separating the good, the bad and the downright dangerous
    • Eating for Performance  – how to get the most from diet & training
    • Nutrition strategies based on goals, muscle build, recovery, energy
    • How to eat well – structuring a diet for optimum health
    • Practical workshop – Create your own meal plan, categorising sports foods, eating the rainbow


    GCP Long Term Athletic Development


    • Introduction to LTAD and GCP’s syllabus
    • Practical sessions (gym & sports hall based if available) to include:
    • Strength exercises
    • Power exercises
    • Speed drills
    • Agility drills
    • Team games


    Russell McCluskey, Director of Sport Kings College School
    "Great afternoon on Friday with Game Changer Performance - lots of insightful drills for developing athleticism within our PE programme"

    Russell McCluskey, Director of Sport Kings College School

    Michael Schmid – Director of Sport, Rokeby School
    "It was a pleasure to work with Gamechanger Performance.  We involved 40 of our year 5 to year 8 boys in learning about Sport Psychology and Goal Setting, both of which the boys really enjoyed. The session was perfectly adapted to our boys and was wonderfully interactive.  This will help evolve our More Able Sportsman program"

    Michael Schmid – Director of Sport, Rokeby School

    Heidi Marvin – Director of Sport, St Mary’s Calne School
    The PE staff and sports teams at St Mary’s Calne have relished the dynamic, thought-provoking and practical delivery of Game Changer Performance's sports psychology sessions. It was  relevant and appropriate and the girls have begun to apply new techniques and strategies to enhance their performance both in training and in matches.  

    Heidi Marvin – Director of Sport, St Mary’s Calne School

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    If you are interested in either staff or student workshops please get in touch with the GCP team today.

    We offer a range 1 hour taster,  half day or full day workshops. For more information and rates please drop our team a note with your details below.

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